In every detail

We are proud of our reputation for quality, and committed to continually planning and improving our products to ensure you get the best professional experience. What we do is important to us and what you expect from PROTOL® • FAUCET. Our products have helped build, repair and decor in every detail homes and business around the world.

Every Detail Matters

Small aspects of a home or office have a big impact on what is comfortable and pleasant stay.

Water is the most used and most important part of your home. There’s no reason why the faucets in your home can’t also look & feel affordable and stylish. Protol faucets are beautiful and truly functional.

The Protol kitchen faucet gets the most use of any water outlet in the home. From cooking and drinking to washing and cleaning.


Look & feel of stainless steel, affordable and stylish, experince the minimalist design, it’s stylish, funcional and flexible.


Protol bathroom faucets set the stage for the rest of the bathroom and can truly be a centerpiece for the entire space.


“Maintaining clean, safe water remains one of our greatest national and global challenges and responsibilities.”

Jerry Costello